Izoflex Ltd.

Izoflex Ltd.

3533 Miskolc, Hungary
Fürdő Street 15.
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Company Profile

Izoflex Ltd.
The IZOFLEX Hoses and Connectors Ltd. provides comprehensive services in the field of industrial hoses, whether it's expert advice, design, assembly, or inspection. The company was established in 2018 with the goal of becoming a prominent player in the industrial hose market. Leveraging their international connections, they stay abreast of the latest industry trends and strive to introduce the most durable solutions to the Hungarian market.

Hoses are delivered to various industries, cut to the required size, assembled, pressure tested, and even marked with custom labels according to the partner's needs. There is a wide range of quality hoses designed for industrial applications, and they offer expert advice to find the ideal solution for a specific task.

Their product range includes everything from simple ventilation and water hoses to agricultural, food industry, and oil industry hoses, and even high-value-added Teflon and metal hoses.

Products and Services

Fitted hose manufacturing
Pressure testing
Hose labeling
Hot water and steam hoses
Air hoses
Oil and fuel hoses
Multifunctional and water hoses
Chemical-resistant hoses
Ventilation and suction hoses
Silicone and rubber hoses
Plastic hoses
Composite hoses
Metal hoses
PTFE hoses
Food industry hoses
Pharmaceutical hoses
Abrasion resistant hoses
Hose couplings
Threaded hose couplings
TW couplings
Flanged couplings
Food-grade fittings
Camlock fittings
Dry break couplings
Steam hose fittings

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